Windows Live Essentials Microsoft continues to develop the Windows Live services pretty intensely and the newest addition that they are working on is Windows Live Essentials.

Much like the Google Pack they will be offering users a simple to use software bundle that will incorporate several different pieces of software. All of the software that Google offers is free with the exception of Norton AntiVirus 2005 in which you will receive a 6-month subscription.

What is Microsoft’s software plan going to be? I am sure they will include as many of their own applications as they can with the package so that users can easily download their wide range of software. You’ll probably see trials of Office or maybe they will just include the document viewers for each of the different Office programs. One guaranteed thing would be the Windows Live OneCare software to cover the security portion of the package just like how Google uses Norton. Maybe Google will have to come out with their own free AntiVirus. :D

Why would anyone want to download a package like this? It is actually nice because you don’t have to download each of the components individually like most of us would. You can (normally) pick and choose which software you would like to install and then a notifier, such as the Google Updater, will let you know if there are any updates available for your software. Those of us who are a little tech savvy may not need such a thing but most people never think twice about taking the time to update their software.

News Source: LiveSide