Windows Live Gets A New Sign-In Screen

The Windows Live services now have a new sign-in user interface that replaces the old Passport screen. The new interface (pictured above) reminds me of the Windows Login screen where you select which user you are and then it displays a box for you to enter your password. I am sure that this is their goal so that users see something familiar to them and naturally lean toward their services.

I do have to give them credit for making it pretty slick. They made it clean and easy to use, which is what most people want to see. Is this going to make me flock to the Windows Live services? Nah, it isn’t that impressive, it is just a login screen!

If you want to see it in action then go ahead and navigate to, Ideas, Mail, Expo, Favorites or Custom Domains. You can use your Hotmail, MSN or Passport account to sign-in.

News Source: Windows Live ID