WindowslivehotmailThere’s lots of news coming from the Windows Live Blog regarding upgrades and improvements to Windows Live Hotmail. Probably the biggest upgrade is that all users now have 5GB of storage (paid users will have 10GB). To compare, my Gmail account is currently at around 2.8 GB which means at this point, Google’s Gmail offers the lowest amount of storage among their competitors (Yahoo offers unlimited).

An increase in mail storage wasn’t the only announcement though, there’s a whole list of changes and updates. One that stood out was “contacts de-duplication.” Maybe it stood out just because of the name, but they say that they’re the first email service to offer a service to clean up your list of duplicate contacts. So for example, if you have three entries for the same person – they’ll put all of the entries together as one.

A few other changes (full list here):

  • Performance – improvements in speed
  • Forward messages – forward your Hotmail messages to other Hotmail accounts.
  • Smaller header – which means more space for your email

If you don’t have these changes applied to your account yet, don’t worry. The Windows Live Hotmail team says that these features are being gradually rolled out to their customers over the next few weeks. I checked my account, and no changes are there quite yet.

Source: Thanks to Richard in the Forums and the Anonymous tipster!