Windows Live Mail Desktop Gets Advertisements

Outlook Express is a very popular email client that allows users to check multiple email accounts simultaneously. Microsoft decided to get rid of Outlook Express with the release of Vista due in 7 months as well as a bunch of new Windows Live services. The new email client will be named Windows Live Mail Desktop.

So what’s new in this version? Well, the most notable thing, in my opinion, is the fact that there is a huge advertisement bar along the right side of the screen. If people wanted to see advertisements then they would use the web-based client for goodness sakes. Pretty soon we will probably start seeing advertisements in the taskbar!

Here is what you can expect to see in Windows Live Mail Desktop:

• Speedy access to multiple e-mail accounts in one place (even AOL and Gmail) • The power of desktop software with the flexibility of Web-based e-mail • A way to get your newsgroups and RSS feeds as easily as you get e-mail • The ability to compose, delete, and organize e-mail even when you’re offline • A massive 2GB of online inbox storage • Address AutoComplete and other handy features to let you speed through your e-mail like never before • The power to instantly add an MSN Spaces blog entry about any message • Keep in touch with your MSN Messenger contacts right from inside the program • Easy creation and editing of photo e-mails

Does anyone think Google will release some sort of desktop email client? I think it is a possibility, or maybe they will team up with Mozilla Thunderbird just like they did with Firefox.

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News Source: BetaNews