Windows Live Mail Takes A Big Step Backwards

Microsoft recently released Windows Live Mail Milestone 6 (M6) which had a lot of needed features in it, like Firefox support! Well, the Windows Live Mail team is taking a step back to Milestone 5 (M5) because they were having many issues with M6. What happens to Firefox users in the meantime? They get to use the “Classic Hotmail”. Here is what the Windows Live Mail team had to say about the issue:

You may have noticed that some of the new features in Windows Live Mail Beta have gone missing! Well, you’re right. We hit a couple of bumps with M6, our most recent release, but we’re working hard (and very late on a Friday) to bring back the great new features. In the meantime, we’ve restored the service to the prior release so that you can access your mail quickly and reliably without hitting any of those bumps. This is all new stuff we’re doing so we appreciate your patience while we work the kinks out. For all you Firefox users out there, this means that you’re getting our Classic Hotmail experience for the time being. Don’t worry we’ll get your new Windows Live experience working as soon as we can. And if you’ve been enjoying your Russian language version of Windows Live Mail, we’ll bring that right back, too. Ben Poon Windows Live Mail Beta Program Manager

News Source: Windows Live Mail Blog