According to ActiveWin, the first beta version of Windows Live Messenger instant-messaging service should be released this week. This conclusion came because testers started to receive their invites to test the future instant-messenger. Part of the email received by testers:

We have a new beta version of Messenger that we would like you to be among the very first to try out. You have proven yourself to be a real expert when it comes to betas, and we need your opinion on what we can do to make this new version of Messenger even better. This new version is called Windows LiveTM Messenger. It’s as fun and reliable as the Messenger you already know, and you lets you keep the contact list and other personal stuff you’ve got stored in Messenger. Plus, this new version has a fresh new look and feel, and lets you do things you’ve never done with Messenger before, like: Make domestic and international PC-to-telephone calls at incredibly low rates (you’ll need to sign up with a Microsoft Partner, but you can do this in seconds, right in the Messenger interface.) Drop documents into special folders that you and your contact can access even when one of you is off-line.