Windows Live Messenger Is Released

Windows Live Messenger, the final version, is now available for millions of people to download and use. The Overview Page isn’t available yet but the download links are active. Here are the different languages currently available:

Here is the list of features for Windows Live Messenger:

  • Video Call – The free, synchronized audio and video service in Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Live Call with Verizon Web Calling service.
  • Cordless phones designed exclusively for Windows Live Messenger – Uniden America Corp. and Philips recently introduced phones that make the Windows Live Call feature for Windows Live Messenger available in North America and Europe.
  • Microsoft LifeCams optimized for Windows Live Messenger – Microsoft Hardware and the Windows Live services group announced last week a line of webcams that are designed for use with Windows Live Messenger.
  • Sharing Folders – Now sharing is as easy as dragging and dropping a file. Customers can more easily share their files and personal photos with family, friends and colleagues on their Windows Live Messenger Contact List.
  • Windows Live Contacts – Contact information is always current with Windows Live Contacts in Windows Live Messenger.
  • Integration with Windows Live services – Windows Live Messenger integrates with other Windows Live services such as Windows Live Search, Windows Live Local, Windows Live Mail and MSN Spaces.

While the features list of Windows Live Messenger is pretty nice I really only use Google Talk to chat with my peers. I think that this is one piece of software I can do without. If I really needed to sign in to talk to someone on the MSN network then I would either use Windows Messenger real quick or just use the online Meebo. Let me know if anyone notices anything cool about Windows Live Messenger.