Use Windows Live Messenger? Now you’ll receive your updates for Messenger via Windows Updates.  You may have noticed the Windows Update icon in your taskbar today. Click on it, and you’ll see the update for Messenger 8.5 beta.  This is the first time that Microsoft has taken this route to distribute updates for Messenger.

I have to say, it is a really convenient way to get updates.  Nothing was changed with this version of Messenger because it was released so that they could test the process of updating Messenger via Microsoft Updates. It appears to have worked well! The screenshot below shows what it will look like when you open up Windows Updates:


This made me think about Windows Updates and if it could be used for non-Microsoft updates.  What if during the installation process of any program, like Firefox, it asks you if you’d like to allow the program to update via Windows Updates. When there was an update available, Microsoft could have a database of reputable companies so that they could check and see if you’d be updating from a trusted source. If it was trusted, you’d automatically receive the update. If it wasn’t, Microsoft could warn of a potential problem and allow you to continue at your own risk.

They always say that people need to get better about downloading the latest versions of all their software for security purposes, and using Windows Updates to provide them isn’t such a bad idea.

Sources: LiveSide and Windows Vista Blog