Windows Live Messenger Patches Start Appearing

Windows Live Messenger was just released and millions and millions of users are awaiting the release of Messenger Plus! Live by Patchou but there are some patches already out there that will tide you over until he releases it to the public. Two of the most popular patches that you will find are A-Patch and the Patch.

A-Patch has 70 features that it can tweak in the Windows Live Messenger that was just released yesterday. Some of the most popular features it has is removing the advertisement banner, remove buttons that you never use, and it can allow you to run multiple instances of Windows Live Messenger.

The Patch also has similar features to A-Patch. It can remove the advertisement as well but one unique feature is that it can make the dashboard translucent (pictured in the screenshot above). You can also load and save all of your settings so that you can configure other computers with the same settings in just a few clicks.

I think that these patches are going to be really popular and downloaded countless times but true craziness will develop when Messenger Plus! Live is released.