Windows Live Messenger is reporting that the next release of Windows Live Messenger, version 8.2, will have a polygamy feature built-in. If you have never patched your Windows Live Messenger then it is possible that you don’t even know what Polygamy is.

Ever since the early days of MSN Messenger people have wanted to sign into more than one Hotmail/MSN account at the same time. That sparked an idea in someone’s head to develop a patch for the messenger that will allow multiple instances of it to run simultaneously. The patch became extremely popular and at this time the feature is mixed into one single patch that can tweak hundreds of settings including Polygamy.

It is hard for me to believe that Microsoft would finally give in and let people do this. I would think that they wouldn’t try to promote creating multiple accounts but now this seems to condone that. This may just end up being some sort of Photoshop job but it will be a little while before we find out. Microsoft is currently testing Windows Live Messenger 8.1 so news on 8.2 is probably over a month away.