The latest version of Windows Live Messenger has been leaked.  Version 8.5 was leaked by Messenger Addictos, a site dedicated to covering Windows Live Messenger.  As the name suggests, the site is in Spanish, and the version that was leaked is also in Spanish. If you want to give it a try there is a way to get it in English.

The screenshots below shows the old messenger compared to the new messenger:


The most obvious changes are with the user interface, but I’m sure there were also a handful of bug fixes with this version.. It’s starting to look more Vista-ish.

You’ll also see a few cosmetic changes with the message window:


You may have noticed with your current version of Messenger that it installs to an MSN Messenger folder.  A few weeks ago I went searching for the Windows Live Messenger folder only to find that it wasn’t there! Despite the fact that Microsoft changed the name to Windows Live Messenger, they never created a new folder for it.  This version will now finally install to a Windows Live folder.

This isn’t officially released by Microsoft, and it’s not an official beta. With that said, you can get instructions and a download link for an installer which I found in the comments over at Digg. It will require that you download an English Language data file if you want it in English instead of Spanish.

Microsoft also threw in a new bunny emoticon as pointed out. The shortcut is (‘.’) and it looks like this:Messengerbunny

If you download this version, let us know if you come across any additional changes.