Bad news for those of you using Windows Live OneCare Anti-Virus Package.  According to Beta News, Microsoft has acknowledged and confirmed that Live OneCare has failed the VB100 test that was conducted by Virus Bulletin. They independently test anti-virus products, and their results are recognized throughout the industry.  The test was done using Vista Business Edition, however it is unknown which parts of the test the anti-virus package failed.

As quoted from BetaNews, the Microsoft representative says:

“We are looking closely at the methodology and results of the test to ensure that Windows Live OneCare performs better in future tests, and most importantly, as part of our ongoing work to continually enhance Windows Live OneCare to ensure the highest level of protection and service that we can provide our customers.”

In order to pass the VB100 test, the anti-virus must detect a series of known viruses without producing a false positive. There can be as many as three trials done on two separate computers.

This is definitely a bit of an embarrassment for Microsoft and tells us that 3rd party software for computer security is the way to go for now. The good news is that several products passed the test with flying colors. They are:

  • CA’s Home and eTrust enterprise products
  • Fortinet’s FortiClient
  • F-Secure Anti-Virus
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0
  • Sophos Anti-Virus 6.5
  • Symantec AntiVirus 10.2

Along with Live OneCare’s Anti-Virus package, a couple of others were added to the “Big F” list. They are:

  • Norman Virus Control Product
  • McAfee’s Virus Scan Enterprise 8.1

Keep in mind, just because a product does not pass the VB100 test doesn’t mean that it’s inadequate. If you’re in the process of selecting an Anti-Virus, it would probably be a good idea to read reviews from several sources for a variety of products and choose the one that’s best for you. 

News Source: Beta News