Windows Live Spaces Goes Live
Windows Live Spaces is ‘Live.’ Microsoft has just released this update to replace MSN Spaces. Probably the biggest change you can expect and now experience is the new user interface. We’ve talked about some of the features that were expected, and now you can go check them out for yourself with your own space.

Here’s a quick run down on some of the features:

  • Space Content: This provides quick links to your profile, music, photos, etc.
  • Photos and Commenting: You’re able to post up to 500 photos per month with the ability for people to leave comments.
  • Breadcrumb: Breadcrumbs help your friends navigate your space.

One by one, all of the new ‘Live‘ services are being released. Although, we’re still waiting for the and email addresses to go up for grabs! I wonder what the hold up is on that one?