Windows Live Spaces To Replace MSN Spaces

According to Microsoft MSN Spaces is going to be transitioned into Windows Live Spaces. I hadn’t heard of this until JCXP pulled up some details on the service. When I started to research it myself I noticed that Microsoft talked about this in November of 2005 and said that Windows Live Spaces will replace MSN Spaces:

Microsoft will continue to invest in services that help people express themselves, and find, connect and nurture deeper relationships with others around the world. MSN Spaces will transition to Windows Live Spaces as Microsoft adds new features to the service next year.

Windows Live Spaces looks pretty slick and I am sure that they are trying to overcome their competitors like MySpace. If you look at the features list then you will notice that you can add gadgets:

Want to add the local time and temp to your space? Or satellite images of the earth? How about an Xbox gamer tag? You can do all that and more with gadgets! Gadgets are mini-applications that deliver local information, lookup things, show statistics and just about anything you want, because they’re customizable.

They are definitely trying to make it easy for everyone to add a lot to their “space” and easily customize it. They have also added a feature that will allow people to see who your friends are. You can go beyond who your friends are by seeing who your friend’s friends are and so on. Pretty soon they will probably have a feature so that you can view a “family tree” of your friends :) .

With all of Microsoft’s Windows Live services I think it is almost time to welcome them to the social networking “club”. They are really expanding and allowing people to connect to each other in one convenient spot:!

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