Now that we’ve been using our Mac computers for about a month, we can tell you that one of the applications we miss the most is Windows Live Writer. Microsoft has really done a great job with it and they’ve managed to pack it full of features without slowing it down. The new blogging software we use, while nice, just doesn’t match up. The recent Technical Preview of WLW that Microsoft just made available introduces yet more new features that bloggers are sure to love.

Some of the new features that really caught my eye include:

  • Word Count – I can’t tell you how long I was waiting for this one. It’s always nice to know how many words are in an article that you write
  • Tabbed view switching – so that you don’t have to go up to the “view” menu to change views between “edit, preview, and source”
  • Alignment commands work on images – although they still haven’t added the alignment shortcuts
  • New Border options – reflection (shown in the image below), rounded corners, a solid border with varying pixel sizes
  • Crop image feature – shown belowlive writer preview.jpg

This new cropped image feature is actually really nice because you can paste in screenshots (or any image for that matter) and crop and tilt them (found under the advanced tab). Add the new “reflection” border to your cropped image and you’ll have a professional looking image in your article without any additional software.

Windows Live Writer has quickly become a favorite among bloggers, especially with all of the plug-ins available. Here’s the link to the download page so that you can check it out, just remember that this is a Technical Preview, and while stable, you still may run into a problem or two.