Windows Live Writer Several complaints have been submitted to the Windows Live Writer (WLW) team regarding a lack of support for Blogger Beta. Here is what the WLW team had to say about why the last version didn’t support Blogger Beta and where you can download the new version that is compatible:

In our latest Beta update release (build 141), we added support for Blogger Beta. However, just after we completed our final testing, Blogger Beta released an update that caused Writer to not work correctly.

We have fixed the problems and have updated our Beta (in build 145). If you’re using Blogger Beta, you should download and install the latest version of Writer. You can just install over your existing version of Writer, it will upgrade it automatically. When you configure your Blogger Beta account in Writer, everything should work fine and you shouldn’t be required to take any manual steps.

I am impressed that the WLW team fixed the issue so quickly and released another build. There was even a few comments on our site regarding the apparent lack of support that WLW had for Blogger Beta. Hopefully those people that are using the service should have their issues resolved with this release.

The last build that was released had quite a few changes as well as several plug-ins that were officially made available. Checkout my last post for more information on what was new and a brief description of the plug-ins.