Mouse magnifier

Many people consider magnifiers to only be for accessibility purposes, but they are also useful when working on projects that require pixel-perfect precision. Pointing Magnifier is a free Windows app that works really well when it comes to needing to do more than just read what is on the screen.

The screenshot above shows the settings you can customize as well as an example of what it looks like when zoomed in on an area of the screen. The process of using Pointing Magnifier can be difficult to explain so here is a quick rundown how the whole system works:

  1. Activate Pointing Magnifier
  2. The cursor turns blue to show the area of the screen you will zoom in on:
  3. Zoomed out
  4. You can click on anything within the zoomed portion, and your mouse position will automatically be transposed to ensure that precise point is what gets clicked on:
    Zoomed in
  5. The cursor now returns back to the way it was in Step 2 so that you can continue working at pixel-perfect precision.

This may not be something you’ll use a bunch, but it doesn’t require any installation and consists of just two files. So it’s pretty easy to keep around for when you need it.

Pointing Magnifier Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)