Windows Mobile 6, formerly known as Crossbow has been announced, and should start appearing on phones mid to late this year! Microsoft has been pretty quiet about this one all along, but even a year ago, people were able to get a glimpse into what Microsoft had brewing with a very pre-mature leaked version. More recently, Screenshots became available which gave us a better idea of what Microsoft was planning.

The Windows Mobile Team is ready to officially reveal Windows Mobile 6 next week at the 3GSM show in Barcelona. A lot of great features are instore with a focus on improved searching, better security (sound like Vista?), and better integration with Windows Live Services. While the majority of products that will use the operating system won’t be released until later this year, Mobile 6 is expected sometime in the 2nd quarter 2007.

Features include:

  • HTML Support in email
  • Windows Live for Windows Mobile
  • New versions of mobile with better formatting for Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • New Security features like remote wipe if the device is lost or stolen
  • Vista integration
  • Calendar ribbon
  • Call history in contact cards
  • NET Compact Framework and SQL Server built-in

Smartphones will use Windows Mobile 6 “Standard”, Pocket PC’s without the phone will use Windows Mobile 6 “Classic”, and Pocket PC Phones will use Windows Mobile 6 “Professional.”

With all of the improvements, and a new look and feel, it just might be worth the upgrade.

Source: The Hive