Windows Mobile 7 Keyboard Blog News Channel somehow managed to get their hands on an internal Microsoft document that outlines the Windows Mobile 7 features. The document is from last summer, and as it stands right now Windows Mobile 7 isn’t scheduled to ship until 2009. That’s quite a gap, so it’s likely that some things will still change.

With that being said the document implies that Windows Mobile 7 will carry forward with a multi-touch interface that will surely bring out the unfriendly side of Apple fans. The on-screen keyboard (pictured above) looks “vaguely” similar to that of the iPhone. And then there are the gestures:

Windows Mobile 7 App Selector

As you can see it takes on a Vista-like appearance, and I do have to admit that it looks rather slick. Far better than the current Windows Mobile.

One key feature that will distinguish Windows Mobile 7 from the current iPhone is the ability to recognize device movements as gestures. By that I mean you could shake the device in a predefined motion to have it wake up.

Something that really blew me away, however, was that one of their screenshots showed the device running Office 2007! If Microsoft can get a full-scale version of Office efficiently running on Windows Mobile I think they will deserve a huge round of applause:

Windows Mobile 7 Office 2007

I’m sure this type of interface is really going to take the mobile market by storm just as it did with the iPhone, and I hope that Microsoft does it right. The screenshots all look really good, but that doesn’t mean the end product will be a fluid and polished mobile operating system. What’s unfortunate for Microsoft is that Apple will probably be releasing their second generation iPhone around the same time that Windows Mobile 7 launches, and with that Apple will likely be incorporating the most requested user features. It will be as if Apple is polishing up their touch interface while Microsoft is just getting started. The key for Microsoft will be how many devices will be available at launch, and what their prices will be.