Windows OneCare Gets ICSA Labs Approval

Windows OneCare Antivirus finally got certification from ICSA Labs and West Coast Labs which means that OneCare is considered a good solution to protect against viruses and malware. This is important for Microsoft because they need OneCare to get all of the hype that it can before Windows Vista gets released. They have a lot of catching up to do since they are coming into the antivirus realm a little late and have to compete with popular companies like Symantec and Eset, and not to mention free antivirus solutions like Avast and AVG.

Windows Vista is already set to ship with Windows Defender which is a free application that Microsoft provides to protect users from spyware. I am really impressed with Windows Defender and I was always hoping that Microsoft would release a free antivirus solution, however, OneCare currently only has a 90-day trial. OneCare will cost $49.95 per year to protect up to three computers but does include free support by phone, e-mail, or live chat.

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News Source: Microsoft