Windows Sidebar Gallery Released, Public Vista Soon?

It looks like Microsoft has finally launched a site that is dedicated to the Windows Sidebar so that users can download gadgets. Now don’t get all excited because there is only 8 gadgets on the site so they must be relying on user submissions.

I have a feeling that they launched this site now because they are getting closer to releasing Windows Vista to the public. I have been using Vista for about a week now on a daily basis and lately I have experience a few hang-ups but I am still impressed with Beta 2. Paul Thurrott wrote that Microsoft needs to release a post-Beta 2 to the public because this version isn’t ready for daily use. He said “Beta 2 has proven to be less than satisfactory on my test systems in the past week, with numerous hang-ups, crashes, and even blue screens.”

Everyone should keep their eyes open because with the Windows Sidebar Gallery being launched we can probably expect to see the public version of Vista Beta 2 coming up right behind it, I hope :) .

Windows Sidebar Gallery Homepage
News Source: BetaNews