Microsoft has made Windows Updates in Vista 1000 times better than they previously were. The first thing that many of you probably know about is that Windows Updates no longer use Internet Explorer. They are done through the Control Panel and it is a lot more convenient for those of us who don’t prefer to use Internet Explorer:

Windows Update In Vista

That isn’t nearly the best thing though. One of the biggest irritations about installing updates in Windows XP was the annoying prompt that you would receive every 10-minutes to restart your computer (if you didn’t restart right away). There was a registry hack to adjust the reminder time but it was still completely unnecessary for that low of a frequency to be set by default.

Windows Update Restart Prompt

In the screenshot above you can see the reminder that I just received today after I installed a few updates for Vista RC2. Instead of just being able to dismiss the message Microsoft now lets you postpone it at a frequency of 10-minutes, 1-hour, or 4-hours. That is much more reasonable because I should be able to finish what I am doing after 4-hours. Even if I don’t finish receiving one reminder every 4-hours is a lot nicer than receiving 24 in 4-hours, which is what it would be at the typical 10-minute interval.

There are all kinds of little features like this that I have been noticing and making notes of so that I can continue to share them with you. Most of the features I have in my list (currently around 10) are ones that you may not pickup on right away but you will probably find them useful. Stick around because I’ll be sharing a few each week!