Windows Users Can Easily Switch To Linux Xandros

Many people fear the switch to a Linux operating system because of the extreme differences with Windows. You might have even been one of the people that tried the switch to Linux but after hours of using it you gave up and went back to Windows. Xandros is designed to make the switch easier for you:

  • Read and write Windows-formatted drives.
  • Import user settings from your existing Windows installation.
  • Read and write to Windows-formatted drives using NTFS for Linux.This makes it easy for people who want to dual-boot Xandros with Windows.
  • Includes CrossOver Office from CodeWeavers which allows you to run popular Windows applications like Microsoft Office 2003.

The basic Home Edition costs $39.99 and users will have to pay $79.99 for a Premium version. For the additional cost of the Premium version you will receive the complete Windows immigration programs. While this version of Linux may not be free it is still reasonably priced since CrossOver Office costs $39.95 by itself.

Xandros is not for you if you’re already familiar with Linux and love customizing it to no end. This is mostly for those who want an affordable Windows replacement operating system for their home or businesses because there is a small learning curve. The Linux power users out there may be disappointed by the inabilities to completely customize Xandros.

News Source: CNet