Vista’s Successor, Windows Vienna is currently planned for release in 2009.  Originally, Windows Vista was planned for release in 2003, and was to be a “stepping-stone” between XP and Vienna. Instead, Vista was set-back over 3 years, and actually ended up with many of the features that Vienna was to have.

Microsoft has had Vienna in the works for quite some time now, so a release date in 2009 may actually be realistic and attainable. Rumors are already floating around about what will be the next “wow” feature of the next version.  Ben Fathi who is the corporate vice president of development with the Windows Core Operating System Division was talking with PC World and says, “We’re going to look at a fundamental piece of enabling technology. Maybe its hypervisors, I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s a new user interface paradigm for consumers.”

According to Download squad, Vienna will have a new file system, as well as a new user interface which would eliminate the start menu and toolbars. If those features are really part of Vienna, this would make it the most unique, re-defined version of Windows yet.

Just a few thoughts: First, don’t get too excited over 2009, afterall, it could end up being 2012. Secondly, if it really is just a  few years until Vienna, is it worth making the upgrade to Vista?

Sources: PC World, Download Squad

Thanks for the tip CoryC!