Windows Vista 5361 Screenshots Leaked...Will It Be April's CTP?

Leaked images of Windows Vista 5361 have made it to the Web, and with the release of the April CTP on Monday (April 17th) many people are wondering if this is the build that will get released. Vista 5361 was compiled on April 5, 2006 which would make it about the right delay for a CTP (approximately 2 – 3 weeks normally).

This build will primarily contain performance and underlying tweaks that won’t visibly be noticeable but I am sure we will be able to tell a difference in speed. Each build up until now I have noticed that the speed of my computer’s startup and launching programs has been gradually increasing.

Also, if you take a look at the Internet Explorer 7 screenshot then you will notice that it says “Internet Explorer 7+”. This is starting quite a buzz on the Internet because there has been no information on what the “7+” will mean.

I wouldn’t expect to see the new security features that have been announced for quite some time. This means that those people who will not be able to pass the Genuine Advantage test should still be able to use the Aero interface. These features probably won’t get implemented until after the last public build is released, just so that the hackers don’t get a head start on cracking it.

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