Windows Vista 5365 To Be Released As April's CTP On Monday

Windows Vista 5365 is going to be the build that beta testers are going to receive on Monday around 1:00 PM EST. A few days ago build 5361 images were leaked to the Internet and struck some as interesting when they saw that Internet Explorer was labeled as version “7+”. We still don’t know exactly what that means because there are no noticeable changes, other than the new color of the tab bar (as pictured above).

The new release of Vista is going to have some nice updates to it:

  1. Sidebar Fixes/More Gadgets
  2. Improved Driver Support
  3. Welcome Center Changed (Updated)
  4. Several Bug Fixes
  5. Improved Install (Faster etc..)

It is normally less than a few hours before someone has posted a Torrent for a CTP release along with a working key. However, the activation has been a struggle to get around in previous releases and may continue to be a struggle.

This build, 5365, will probably take us up to the May CTP which will also be known as Beta 2 and RC0. The original Beta 2 was supposed to be released back in January 2006 but got pushed back when the CTP releases were becoming so successful. Eventually, the final release of Windows Vista also got pushed back and is now targeted for January 2007.

News Source: H|D News