Windows Vista 5505 Screenshot

We heard yesterday that Vista RC1 should get released on September 7 and is expected to be build number 5520. WinFuture, yet again, was able to get their hands on Vista 5505 long enough to snap some great screenshots. I can’t really say that there is a lot of new stuff in this build because I haven’t noticed anything just by looking at them.

I recently received a Vista 5472.5 in the mail from Microsoft and have to say that it is an amazing improvement over Vista Beta 2. No matter how hard I try I just can’t bring myself to use it as my everyday operating system. It is stable but there are still several programs that I frequently use that lack compatibility. Microsoft is doing great on their end but it is the hardware manufacturers that aren’t putting out good drivers (if they are putting them out at all).

In case you are wondering I still have my default browser “problem” in Vista 5472 but I am sure it is something Mozilla has to do in order to fix the problem. Whether Vista RC1 will be stable enough to use everyday is going to depend on how fast the software and hardware companies can push out updates and drivers for us to use.