I think most of us doubted that Microsoft would be able to get everything running smoothly for Vista RC1 which is due September 7. It looks like Microsoft has released build 5536, which should end up being the RC1, to testers to make sure it will be stable enough for the public to use. So what’s the result? Amazing reviews!

The same thing that I read in almost every review of this build is how quick the install process is. I have seen times ranging from 16 minutes up to 22 minutes which is half the time that it takes to install Windows XP! If you ever used the early versions of Vista (at that time named Longhorn) then you can really appreciate this since those could take more than an hour to install.

Ahhh, but the lack of compatible drivers holds everyone back from using Vista. But wait! Maybe there is hope as Matt explains:

Performance is about 3x better so far on my Dell Inspiron 9300, and driver support is phenominal!  I didn’t have a single device that didn’t come through setup installed except for the sound card which hit Windows Update and immideately downloaded and installed the driver, and did NOT require a reboot before it began to function!  Amazing!

He also posted some screenshots on his Windows Connected Blog.

Longhorn Blogs also put up a quick review of what they thought about build 5536 and said:

In fact, this build has restored my confidence in Windows Vista; it performs well, looks great, and overall we’re headed into RTM with what seems to be a very solid product.

This makes me very anxious to get Vista RC1 but I can wait the two-weeks (hopefully it is not longer). I have heard that the Torrent file is already floating around for Vista 5536 but I will wait for Microsoft to give it the thumbs up and release it as RC1.