Windows Vista Logo WindowsITPro is reporting that Vista 5728 will be the last version of the operating system that is released to testers before it begins the RTM process. Of course by tester they do not mean the general public, instead they are referring to the Microsoft Connect testers. Just like always I’m sure someone will post a torrent after a few hours of it being released…which Paul Thurrott expects to be sometime this week.

Windows Vista RC1 has the build number 5600 so 5728 seems like a pretty big jump, but they did a little “numbering trick” for preparation of the RC1 release. When they had to branch off and start creating Vista RC1 they decided that they would reserve all numbers up to 5700 for future RC1 builds. That means all post-RC1 builds would have to be greater than 5700…so the difference in build numbers isn’t as large as you may think.