Vista Logo The Windows Vista Team is saying that you better download Vista 5728 now if you still want it:

  1. The 64-bit version of build 5728 is now available in both German and English.
  2. The window is rapidly closing for download of the English build, as we’re nearing our targeted download quantity.  If you’ve not yet downloaded the build, I would suggest doing so today.

I think that is Microsoft’s hint that the download will not be available after today so you better start downloading it if you want to get your hands on it. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into what they say. ;)

I have been using this build for a few days and I haven’t really noticed any differences from RC1 other than the fact you can now disable the startup sound. Overall it is amazingly stable and once other companies make their software compatible (especially antivirus companies) then it will be even better. If you are looking for a good antivirus to use with Vista I particularly recommend Avast.

Here are the direct download links for the two versions of Vista 5728: