Vista Blog

Now I have seen some blog makeovers before but I think this one definitely takes the cake. The Windows Vista Blog now bears some resemblance to the Windows Vista Homepage by using some glossy buttons and loads of transparency.

Jim Allchin, the Co-President of the Platform and Services, is the one who made the announcement on the blog. That actually made me a little disappointed because it is the first time he has even posted on the blog! Up until now Nick White has been doing all of the posting and has done an amazing job. I would have preferred to see Nick post about the new blog because he is the one that is really in touch with the community.

Jim’s announcement also seemed too “professional.” He even went as far to say “I’ve been living with Windows Vista (or “Longhorn”) as my primary machine for almost two years now.” Okay, I’m sure that he has always had it installed on a computer to track the progress but I hardly believe that it has been his primary machine for 2-years. For those of you who can’t think that far back read Paul Thurrott’s review of Longhorn (the codename for Vista) from less than two years ago. It was virtually only usable if you didn’t have to install any software.

The new blog sure does look nice but it is apparently not possible to comment at this time. They don’t allow anonymous comments anymore which means you have to sign-up, but there is an error when I try to create an account. Oh well…keep up the great work on the blog Nick!