New Day - Vista It is a “new day” according to Microsoft since they have their Windows Vista business launch today! I honestly can’t believe that the day has already come for the first launch of Windows Vista. It seemed like was plagued with delays but they finally managed to get it out the door and into the hands of “real” people. We’re still two-months away from a consumer launch but you might start seeing Vista popup in your office (doubtful…but maybe :) ).

Microsoft has launched a new site called “Ready for a new day” as a gathering point for all of their business launch coverage. That will even be the home of live footage of the Keynote from the NASDAQ in New York City at 7:30AM Pacific/10:30AM Eastern. Point your browser to that site if you want up-to-the-minute coverage and later on in the day they will make the keynote available for playback.

This isn’t just a big day for Vista because Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 will also be made available. I haven’t had any experience with Exchange Server 2007 but the Microsoft Office team did a nice job with their new release. A lot of time and money went into developing a new design that would be more intuitive and I think it really paid off. I have been using Office 2007 Beta 2 ever since the beginning of this year when they released it and I have been impressed ever since. I am extremely confident in the stability of Office 2007 but I am still a little weary on what people are going to experience with Vista. I have a feeling it is going to cause a lot of headaches the first few months.

So now that businesses have the new software available to them how long do you think it will take most to upgrade? This is such a huge change so I would venture to guess that most companies will wait until the first Service Pack is out before they jump on the bandwagon.

News Source: Windows Vista Blog