Back in June, Microsoft let users interested in Office 2007 test drive the software online.  They set up a simulation so that you could test each of the individual products and get a feel for what it was like . It was a pretty realistic test-drive that gave users a good idea of what to expect if they were to purchase Office 2007.  Just recently, Microsoft has setup something similar so that users can participate in a Windows Vista Business Test Drive.  Just like Office, it requires that you use Internet Explorer because it has to install an ActiveX plug-in.

Because their Office 2007 test drive was pretty impressive, I was expecting the same from this Vista version.  Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment.  If you’re using it to determine whether to purchase the product or not, you’ll probably be disappointed as well.  This same kind of site could have been created using html or JavaScript so that the ActiveX plug-in wasn’t required.  It definitely could have been designed with Flash so that any browser could be used. When you hover over the Start Menu, you’d think that it would display what the new start menu looks like, right? Wrong, it doesn’t! Most of the items in the Taskbar only open up pop-up windows.

It was a huge disappointment and does not give someone who is totally unfamiliar with Vista any kind of idea of what to expect. You can check it out for yourself at . Remember that you’ll need to open up Internet Explorer to use this.

News Source: ActiveWin