Windows Vista Delay Costs Microsoft $500 Million

It looks like Microsoft is having some serious issues with Windows Vista. They just recently pushed the release date back to January in hopes to demonstrate the release at the 2007 CES show. The issue that is really pulling them down this time is the Media Center capabilities. To help with this Microsoft pulled some of the programmers from the Xbox team in order to get this project done by January.

Now what is all of this costing Microsoft? This delay is costing them just pennies a day, well, it is pennies to them. They are going to lose $500 million by pushing back the release date of Vista. Not only is this a time delay, but Microsoft is also restructuring the Platform and Services Division. Putting all this together and the fact that Microsoft is said to be rewriting 60% of Vista’s code will probably mean that Vista will be released much later than January.

News Source: Smarthouse