Windows Vista Is Today's Buzz Word

With Windows Vista Beta 2 just being released yesterday the buzz word on the Web is Vista! Instead of writing a bunch of separate articles I thought I would talk about the hot topics right here.

First: Will Vista Be Unhackable?
I know, inside you kinda chuckled when you read that title but Microsoft has gotten a little wiser since XP as reports. I hadn’t thought about it before but since the Ultimate Edition of Vista is the “best” then that would make other editions like Vista Enterprise “worse”. The Ultimate Edition will not have the Volume Licensing keys like the Enterprise does, which means that the version of Vista that the pirates want (the Ultimate Edition) will require activation.

Microsoft must think that is a big deal or something? There are a ton of cracks out there to get around activating Windows XP, Server 2003, etc… and Vista won’t be an exception. It is like Microsoft is challenging the hackers to find a way to break into Vista.

Second: New Windows Vista Help/Support Site
For all of those people tinkering with Vista, then this is for you. There is a new Help and Support Site for Vista which may help you in your time of need. If you are having troubles then this should probably be the first place that you head to.

Third: Can Vista Get ReadyBoost In Time?
ReadyBoost sounds like a nifty feature that would be especially handy for those less tech savvy. ReadyBoost will allow users to use their USB drives or a networked computer as a source for memory. This may mean that people will have to perform internal upgrades less often and may be able to just slap a USB drive onto the back of their computer to upgrade their memory.

However, it looks like the ReadyBoost feature may not make the Vista release in time according to Microsoft Watch. Speaking of “in time”, let’s move on to my next topic.

Fourth: Vista Delayed…Again?
It may be possible that Vista will get delayed yet again. PC World reported on Tuesday that Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer expected Vista to get delayed again. What a bummer, but maybe there is still hope for an on time arrival. That same day Jim Allchin, the executive responsible of bringing Vista to market, said that Microsoft is confident that they can meet the January launch date of Vista. So who do you believe? I think I will lean towards another delay, after all, what is a few more weeks after a few years of delays?