Windows Vista RC1 Logo MSBlog got creative and it appears that they found what could be the download links for Windows Vista RC1. Unfortunately the links, right now, just redirect you to a page that says “Thanks for your interest in Windows Vista RC 1. The Customer Preview Program is now closed. We have reached our program capacity and no new orders are being accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience.” Here are what the download links should be:

To verify that this wasn’t just some generic page I tried changing “rc1″ to “rc2″ in the URL but that redirects you to the Getting Started With Windows Vista page. I would have to say that those links look valid to me.

The release date for Vista RC1 is still scheduled for September 7 and should be build 5536. I’m sure someone is bound to get some screenshots of that build before it actually gets released…in case you are impatient.