Windows Vista Logo Microsoft has officially released Windows Vista RC1 to the public. You can either go to their download page if you want to install their download manager or you can download it using your Web browser with these direct links. They apparently aren’t allowing people to directly link to the file now so you have to go to the site.

After you download the file you can verify it using the hash:

    MD5 hash: 22486e815a38feffd9667317dfeec55a
    SHA1 hash:  e00b4ebbc81fb420cf047973b95a9cfb7cdf51b7
    MD5 hash: f3a385aae6e4dea9226e31d9f1148b56
    SHA1 hash:  8e4de7a72c828a3543ff1663243eb0836da07eea

So, who’s up for trying it? I’m about to download it and I can’t wait to see the results. Up until now I have been using Vista Pre-RC1 5536 and it is stable enough for me to use everyday…so it can only get better, right?

As far as getting a key goes I was looking at the Customer Preview Program site and I didn’t see anything. Your Beta 2 keys should still work but I’m not sure how newcomers are supposed to get a key? Am I blind?

Update 2:
Yay, a compatible version of Avast is expected on Friday! This just keeps getting better.

Update 3:
According to the CPP site: “the CPP will open to new participants in the coming weeks.” Guess I was just blind.