Vista Logo Last night the Windows Vista RC2 download page was temporarily viewable but the download links were still unavailable. Apparently Microsoft didn’t want the world to be able to view the page quite yet because they promptly removed it as the word started to spread.

Paul Thurrott also went on to update his article saying that the build string for RC2 has been bumped to 5744.16384.061003-1945 but they still have plans to ship it tomorrow. That kind of surprised me because the build was just compiled on October 3 which means they would have only less than 3-days to test it, and typically they test it for about a week before releasing it.

Using the new build string that Paul provided and the link to the Vista RC2 download page these should be the direct links to the ISO images. They will probably make the ISO images available before the actual page which means these are the links to watch (assuming they don’t change builds again):

There has also been a lot of fuss over the new “anti-piracy feature” that Microsoft has been talking about. Basically if you don’t activate the computer within 30-days then it will run in reduced-functionality mode. Just like always I’m sure there will be plenty of hackers rushing to be the first one to crack Microsoft’s “top-notch” security mechanisms. I say it will take less than a few days to see cracks floating around and the more Microsoft says how great it is the faster it will probably be done.

Thanks for the tip Jason!