Vista Logo It seems like Microsoft is releasing a new build of Windows Vista every week now. I guess that is what you get when they are nearing the final homestretch. Vista RC2 (build 5743) will be the replacement to Vista 5728 that was just opened to the public a few weekends ago. The new release is currently being tested internally and should be available on Friday.

Vista RC2 will be open to the public for downloading but it will be limited just as Vista 5728 was. I’m sure it will be available for a few days but you should still try to make sure you’re one of the first to download it.

Microsoft Will be finalizing Vista sometime between October 25 and November 8 so that it is ready for businesses in November. Another interesting point that Paul Thurrott pointed out was that there are still 1400 known bugs in Vista which definitely sounds like a lot. However, there was nearly 2500 bugs less than 10 days ago! That goes to show that the Microsoft Windows team is working hard to make the release as stable as possible.

News Source: WindowsIT