Windows Vista Specific Applications Start Rolling Out

Windows Vista users will have the joy of experiencing software from thirteen23 that is specifically designed for Vista. It utilizes the 3D visual effects and the transparency to give users the ultimate experience.

Here is a list of the four applications they currently have available:

  1. DE.COLLAGE – Rotates through famous paintings that it downloads from the Internet. It is displayed as a 3D carousel with new paintings appearing every 15 seconds.
  2. MODULE – Sidebar that currently has widgets for Google, Yahoo, flickr, BigCharts, and digg.
  3. HARMONY – Uses iTunes to display your album’s coverart and allows you to play songs without opening iTunes.
  4. FP.HUE – Converts HEX colors into floating point values for use in Microsoft’s Expression Interactive Designer.

It is nice to see developers taking advantage of the enhanced graphics that Vista will provide. This software shows some of the features that developers can use when creating applications. Some of the software listed above have movies that you can watch to see them in action (QuickTime is required to watch them).

I am looking forward to seeing what other Vista-specific applications companies start to release. I remember reading the Firefox meeting notes one time and they were asking each other whether they needed to release Vista-specific versions of the Mozilla applications. They were trying to figure out if companies like Adobe and such were going to revamp their applications so that they utilize the new visual features. This may eventually be important for companies to do but initially their focus needs to be checking for compatibility issues.

Keep your eyes open because more Vista programs are bound to start popping up!

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