Tweak Vista

Totalidea Software has released a program called TweakVI which will let you customize Windows Vista without the need to dig through the registry. They do have a free version available that has the ability to tweak several different features but they also have subscription-based versions that you can purchase for one year at a time.

Here is an overview of what the software can do:

Activate hundreds of hidden Windows Vista settings, clean your registry, activate system and software restrictions, display detailed system information, create a 256 MB RAM drive, protect your privacy, clean your harddrive, manage TrueType fonts, improve your internet connection, optimize your CPU, optimize your RAM, manage system updates, and much more …

If you are like me you will want to checkout what the difference is between all of the versions. Unfortunately you can only compare using this chart because they do not have a trial version of the Premium and Ultimate editions (and the free version is cleverly named Basic).

I thought about downloading TweakVI but I’m not sure if I will really find it useful. I already seem to like Vista the way it is but I’ll be considering it.