Microsoft’s Windows Vista has been available to consumers now for 10 days. Results from the first five days of Vista sales are available with nothing really too surprising to reveal.

The first thing which the analysis report shows is that the sales of PC’s for the week ending February 3rd increased 173% which is certainly an impressive number. However, think about what that number could have been if Vista was launched before the holiday season.

It was all about Vista Home Premium for the first five days of sales.  Home Premium alone made up 70% of sales for  PCs with Vista.  This of course does not factor in that many computers come with Home Premium as the pre-installed version.  It is not know how many Home Premium sales came from upgrades.

Vista Home Basic, the simplest version that you can buy made up 22% of the sales, and Windows Vista Ultimate made up 1.2 percent of the sales. Microsoft is probably disappointed in the Ultimate number because this is obviously where they’re going to make the most profit.Samir Bhavnani who wrote the report says that “”You can expect over time that Ultimate will become a bigger part of the overall mix.”

Only time will tell how the sales of Vista Ultimate will play out.  One of the biggest factors that will keep people from upgrading to the Ultimate version is price.  When buying a computer with Vista Home Basic, you can upgrade to home-premium for just $50 more, but an upgrade to Vista Ultimate from Vista Basic would cost $150.  Consumers are going to be much more willing to spend an extra $50 versus $150.

Also included in the report was the percentage of sales from PC Vendors.  In the first week, Hewlett-Packard accounted for 54% of Vista Home premium sales and 53% of Vista Home Basic sales.

Clearly, Vista Ultimate is not a 1st choice for consumers. Home Premium appears to be the “go-to” version that will satisfy the needs of most people and comes in at a much more affordable price when compared to Vista Ultimate.

I’d be interested in knowing how many PC’s and copies of Vista were actually sold.  The percentages give you some perspective to how Vista is doing, but if there was an overall number that these percentages were derived from, it would be much more insightful. It would also be interesting to see how many people are going for the much more affordable OEM edition.

Source: InfoWorld