WinExpose WinExpose is a truly amazing (and free) application that brought to Windows what I consider to be one of Mac’s best features: Expose. When the Windows application was started back in September of 2006, new builds were being released once or twice a week. There were even several times where multiple releases occurred on the same day.

Unfortunately, the day has come for this application to be discontinued. The developer, known as “matonga” in the forum, announced that he lacks the time that it takes to continue improving WinExpose on a regular basis. For that reason he will not be adding any new features or releasing any versions in the future.

I am very disappointed that he can’t continue to develop this application because I found it to be really great. He is a very upstanding guy and I am happy that he is at least turning over the source code with the hope that someone else will take the project under their wing to make it better.

There are other applications that add Expose-like features to Windows, but many of them you have to fork money out for like TopDesk, anthabounce, Reflex Vision, and Exposer for Windows. I haven’t found many free alternatives other than iEx, which I think needs a lot more work than WinExpose.


It does what its supposed to, but if you enable the feature to include minimized windows it slows down a little too much if you have a lot of windows open. Not only that but every now and then it has a hard time taking the screenshots. For example, in the image above there is an application in the upper-left corner that just shows up as a black blob when in reality it is a Google Talk chat window. There is also the Windows Explorer window in the bottom-right corner where it couldn’t take a screenshot of a small portion of the window so it returned a partially-black result.

I didn’t expect the application to be perfect because it is free, but WinExpose was so close to being a truly amazing freeware program. I never really had troubles with it, so I will continue to use it in hopes that another programmer finds the application to be interesting and continues the development process. Thanks for all the hard work that you put into this “matonga”!

Thanks to “netster007x” for the tip!