android developer challenge.pngBack in November when Google released their Android (open handset alliance project) Software Development kit, they announced a $10 million dollar contest at the same time. The whole idea behind the contest was to entice developers to develop applications for Android. It (the contest) was divided into two different challenges and the winners of the first challenge which included application submissions from January 2nd through March 3rd, have just been announced. In all, fifty developers each won $25,000 to help them build their app.

If you browse the list that Google posted, you’ll notice that there are only 46 names listed. At the bottom they explained that four of the winners decided they didn’t want the public to know quite yet what they were working on, so they opted to keep their work a secret for now. In all there were over 1700 submissions, so it must have been a lot of work for Google to narrow it down to just 50 winners.

While Google posted the list of winners, they didn’t provide any details about the applications. Android Phone Fan site Phandroid posted a list of the winners as well as details for some of them, if they were able to get them. Taking a look at the list, it looks like there are a few interesting applications in the works, although, I must say, some of them really don’t sound that intriguing. Additionally, looking through the list it didn’t look like there was much of a focus on gaming. Anyhow, here are a few that caught my attention:

  • LifeAware– Mobile Tracking Service formed to help people be aware of where their friends and family are.
  • Marvin – Marvin allows you to publish and browse geo-localized objects around you.
  • TuneWiki – “Our goal is to have the lyrics always on, always available, always synchronized to music – on any device that can play music back and connect to the Internet.
  • Writing Pad – ShapeWriter is an innovative, original, fun, and highly efficient method of entering text into touch screen mobile phones.
  • AndroidScan – use your phone to scan a barcode, get pricing information from dozens of stores, product reviews and more

Come July, ten of the fifty winners will be awarded an additional $100,000 while another 10 will be awarded an additional $275,000 to further develop their applications.

Source: TechCrunch