WinRAR WinRAR 3.60 was conveniently just released which comes about 2-weeks after they were offering version 3.51 for free. If you read the details when you got your free key it said that you are not entitled to any upgrades…and they stuck to that.

I figured there might be a slight chance that the newest version would work with the free key that I got, so I downloaded 3.60 and installed it. Nope, once I ran WinRAR it said that I was using evaluation copy that expires in 40 days.

Maybe the giveaway was some kind of “gimmick” to get people hooked on using it and then make them want to purchase an upgrade. If that’s what it was I don’t think that will work because looking at the changelog there isn’t anything that stands out enough to pay for it. There are several updates if you use the command line and the only thing that would be useful to me is the multithread/dual-core compatibility. If you have one of those processors then you will benefit from being able to compress files quicker but that isn’t worth $29, in my opinion.