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Tracking Down Great Software For You!

One of the coolest, and probably unknown, features in Google Talk is the ability to click on the title bar of a chat window and to have it collapse. It doesn’t exactly minimize the window but makes it smaller so that you reclaim your desktop space but you can also easily re-open the chat.

There is a program that provides a similar feature for all windows called WinRoll. If collapsible windows aren’t enough for you then maybe you will like a few of the other features:

Make a window roll into its title bar, send it to the back or make it stay on top. Minimize, maximize or close all visible windows, including minimizing to the tray area. Make a window translucent on Windows 2000 or above.

WinRoll Collapsible Windows

As you can see this program is great for clearing up your desktop space when you have a lot of programs open. Not only can you “roll the windows up” but you can also minimize them to the tray. Just like most of our favorite software this one is free! In fact, it is open source in case you wanted to mess with the code yourself.