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We’ve got another free Windows program for you today that’s called WinSplit Revolution, and it’s geared towards anyone with large monitors. The whole point of the application is to give you a fast alternative to repositioning the windows on your monitor. With just a couple strokes on your keyboard you could have two windows tiled side-by-side.

I find this useful with my 24" monitor because I’m able to throw my browser and blog editor next to each other, which inevitably makes writing articles faster since I don’t have to switch back and forth between windows. Sure I could do that manually, but sometimes it becomes a pain if I need to make the browser temporarily wider to view a site. With WinSplit the window arrangement takes just a few strokes on the keyboard.

Here are some of the features WinSplit offers:

  • Pop-up (Ctrl+Alt+Num Pad 1-9): The pop-up is a little window for those of you who don’t want to use your keyboard, or for anyone without a number pad (like laptop users). To open the small window (pictured above) you just have to left-click on the WinSplit System Tray icon. You’ll quickly notice that the diagonal buttons send the window to one of the four corners, the middle button maximizes the window, and the others put the window on the upper/lower half or on the right/left side respectively.
  • Mosaic function (Ctrl+Alt+M): This evaluates the best arrangement to tile up to 9 windows at the same time.
  • Close All function (Ctrl+Alt+C): This instantaneously closes all windows opened on the taskbar.
  • Fusion function (Ctrl+Alt+F): This function merges the last two selected windows, and WinSplit shares the screen between them. By default each windows takes up half the screen (one at the left, the other at the right), but a window appears with a slider to change the ratio between the both windows. You can therefore have one window take up 30% of the screen, and another window take up 70%.

For a closer look at how WinSplit works watch the short 1-minute video below. It takes you through what the various shortcuts do, and how your windows can be positioned.

There is actually a feature similar to this built-in to Windows, and to use it just Ctrl+Click on multiple items in your Taskbar. Then right-click on them to display a menu that lets you cascade or tile the selected windows. Again, it’s close to what WinSplit Revolution does, but it’s not quite as extravagent.

Windows Taskbar Tile & Cascade

Download WinSplit Revolution
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