Wired News has presented what they believe to be the BEST Firefox extensions. I use many of them so if you are a new Firefox user, this will be a good basis for you to start from. I have provided my own summary of the extensions with each extension Wired News nominated as the best.

  1. Del.icio.us – Manages your bookmarks and allows you to share them with others. This is a great feature if you need your bookmarks on more than one computer, but the only problem is that everyone can see your bookmarks. Del.icio.us was recently acquired by Yahoo.
  2. Greasemonkey – A wonderful extension to allow users to customize the appearance of web sites, such as customizing the appearance of Gmail. The scripts to do just about anything you want to a site can be found at userscripts.org which is a compilation of thousands of scripts made by users for users.
  3. DownThemAll – Have a whole page of PDF’s that you need to download for class, well, this will take care of any file on any page. You can download anything from songs to pictures.
  4. BugMeNot – This extension will allow you to login to those sites using “generic” logins created by other users. This way you do not have to create a login just to view that one news article.
  5. Adblock – Pretty obvious what this one does…takes care of those pesky ads!
  6. Nuke Anything Enhanced – Is there that one banner or picture that is always on a page that you hate. This will allow you to right-click on an object and have it remove the item from the page – Forever!
  7. Tab Mix Plus – This is the ultimate extension. You can not have Firefox without this extension. If you want to be able to configure your tabs to your every whim, then this is for you! This will allow you to do everything from adding an “X” close button on each tab all the way to controlling what happens when you click on a link. This is a must have!
  8. Viamatic foXpose – This recent newcomer prospered very quickly. With this extension you can view a thumbnail of every tab you have open. These thumbnails are shown on a single page so that you can visually select which site you want to view. Even if you don’t find it very useful, it is still fun to play with.
  9. SessionSaver – Did your browser just crash when you had 20 important tabs open? Not a problem because SessionSaver will remember where you left off, even in the event of a crash!
  10. StumbleUpon – This allows you to just “browse” the Internet. It is kind of like channel surfing for the Internet.

These extensions will all make your life a little easier, or at least more fun. Give them a shot, and if you don’t like them then just uninstall them. What do you have to lose?