wireless power.jpgWireless everything… It’s one of those clichés that usually come to mind when talking about the future of technology. While wireless has seen plenty of success with the invention of the mobile phone and WiFi networks, our computers still have a truckload of wires attached to them. Why is it that many of us still prefer wired mice and keyboards? And, more importantly, what could be done to resolve these issues?

We’ve got your keystrokes
Ever thought about how your wireless keyboard communicates with your computer? Your keystrokes are sent to the receiver so that your computer knows what you’re typing. But what if a hacker builds a custom-made receiver with a signal amplifier to record keystrokes from random keyboards in reach? Your passwords could get stolen without you ever knowing it. Just imagine what would happen if our monitors were wireless…
Possible solution: the industry should do for wireless peripherals what WEP/WPA did for wireless networks.

Battery inconveniences
Every once and a while, you have to replace the batteries in your wireless peripherals. If you’re sitting one foot away from your computer, it may not be worth the hassle of changing the batteries in your wireless mouse when wired mice are satisfied with plain old USB juice.
Possible solution: now that we’re advancing in wireless power transmission research, we may be able to get rid of those batteries sooner that we think.

It’s not green
Wireless communication needs extra power, even if the transmitter and the receiver are close to each other. Obviously, this is not eco-friendly. You can often find information about your device’s energy consumption on its back or in its manual.
Possible solution: while making devices more efficient can help, this only works to a certain degree. We may have to wait for energy to become greener before this problem can get ironed out.

Wireless signals cause cancer. No, they do not. Yes, they do.
There’s a lot of debate about possible health issues with our increasingly wireless lives. Contradicting studies have proved and rejected theories about wireless signals being a cause of cancer. The sad thing about this is that the only thing we can do to solve this dispute is wait for about twenty years to see how wireless technology has impacted our health. Then we’ll finally know if wireless is indeed the new tobacco.

[image via Flickr]