PostiniGoogle had Google Apps (among other things) in mind when they went after Postini to acquire them. The acquisition for Postini, a communications security and compliance company was announced today for $625 million.

The announcement mentioned that more than 1,000 small businesses sign up for Google apps daily, (wow!) but that larger businesses and enterprises are often times hesitant or unable to sign-up for the service because they have security needs that need to be met. The Google Blog says that they’re required to support “complex business rules, information security mandates, and an array of legal and corporate compliance issues” which Postini will be able to help them with.

Postini over the years has gone from “small and obscure” to a “significant company with international operations and multiple data centers supporting over ten million users across 35,000 businesses” according to Ryan Mcintyre, a Postini investor. Their services will protect email, instant messaging, and other web-based communications.

I think Google has some big plans in mind for Google Apps, and because they were already licensing technology from Postini for Gmail, this purchase makes complete sense. They’re already well-known in the Corporate World as offering great anti-virus and anti-spam solutions, blocking over a billion spam messages every day, and they were just headed for an IPO.

Another smart purchase from Google, and congratulations to Postini!

Thanks for the tip Cory!